Airports have the essential task of transporting large masses of people and goods from one place to another. Hence maintaining airport facilities is of great significance to airport managers. Airports have large square feet, high ceilings and consume a ton of energy for lighting, heating, air-conditioning, security, check-ins, elevators, electronics and more. To ensure smooth operation of the facility, airport maintenance is of utmost importance.


A-TECH Engineering Ltd offers a number of services to ensure your airport runs smoothly without any issue, identifies problems proactively, reduces carbon footprint and energy consumption while ensuring a great customer experience.


Our services include:

Energy Cogeneration

Renewable Energy Solutions

Building Automation and Controls

CCTV (normal, thermal body temperature, occupancy calculator at entrance)

IoT Solutions 

HVAC Optimization


Partner Services:

Submetering (water, electricity, gas, thermal heating/cooling)

Cooling Tower Maintenance and Reconstruction

Solar Energy Solutions

HVAC System Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions 

Air Quality Monitoring

AI HVAC System Control Predictive Technology  

Cogeneration Energy Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions

Electrical System Solutions 

Heat Pump Solutions


The airport industry has been one of the hardest hit during covid-19. It is now more important than ever for airports to adopt changes that incorporate covid-19 safety measures to minimize risk of transmission. Get a FREE COVID-19 Assessment for your airport.

Connect to an A-TECH Engineering team member to discuss how to improve efficiency of your airport and reduce costs while continuing to deliver an exceptional customer experience.