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Banks are usually places of high traffic that require energy consumption in several areas including air-conditioning, heating, lighting, computers and more. To improve efficiency of your bank in terms of energy usage and minimize costs, we offer a range of different services customized according to bank size and specific needs.


Our core services for Banks include:

Energy Cogeneration

Renewable Energy

IoT Solutions

Building Automation System

CCTV – normal, thermal body temperature monitoring, occupancy calculator at entrance

Air Quality Monitoring

HVAC Optimization


Partner Services:

Rooftop Units

Solar Energy Solutions

HVAC System Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions 

LED Lighting Solutions

Electrical System Solutions 

Heat Pump Solutions

AI HVAC System Control Predictive Technology  


As banks are areas where people come in close contact with the staff, it is important to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the occupants, especially during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Get a FREE Assessment of your bank today.

Contact us today to find out how to reduce wasted energy in your bank and increase efficiency.