Commercial Hi-Rise

Hi-Rise commercial buildings typically tend to be high energy consumers with large spaces and high traffic. In today’s energy conscious age, it can be extremely beneficial for business owners to adopt measures that transform your commercial building into an energy efficient one. It will not only prove to be less hassles for you to maintain the building but also keep the occupants both comfortable and safe. 


Our core services for commercial buildings include: 

Energy Cogeneration

Renewable Energy Solutions

Building Automation and Controls

CCTV (normal, thermal body temperature, occupancy calculator at entrance)

Air Quality Monitoring

IoT Solutions 

HVAC Optimization


Partner Services:

Submetering (water, electricity, gas, thermal heating/cooling)

Cooling Tower Maintenance and Reconstruction

Solar Energy Solutions

HVAC System Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions 

Air Quality Monitoring

AI HVAC System Control Predictive Technology  

Cogeneration Energy Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions

Electrical System Solutions 

Heat Pump Solutions


In commercial hi-rise buildings ensuring safety of users is of utmost importance in the light of covid-19 as these are high traffic buildings with lots of occupants. Ensure maximum safety of your building occupants with a FREE COVID-19 Assessment to help you understand your options. Contact an A-TECH Engineering team member today to discuss how to transform your building into an energy efficient “smart building”.