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Today, as more and more businesses adopt green building policies, as a hotel owner, it is imperative to bring changes that reflect the current green practices which increases building efficiency and sustainability while reducing costs and your overall carbon footprint.


Hotels tend to have large square footage with high maintenance areas such as conference rooms, pools, gyms, community halls, etc. It is a high energy use facility with energy being consumed in the form of lighting, air-conditioning, heating, security system and so on. In addition, hotels experience huge traffic of guests coming in daily who expect a well-functioning building.


Our range of services cater to hotels of various sizes and can provide ways to better track energy consumption of your hotel and reduce energy costs while ensuring comfort.


Our core services for Hotels include:

Energy Cogeneration

Renewable Energy

Building Automation and Control

IoT Solutions

CCTV (normal, thermal body temperature, occupancy calculator at entrance)

Air Quality Monitoring

HVAC Optimization


Partner Services:

Submetering (water, electricity, gas, thermal heating/cooling)

Cooling Tower Maintenance and Reconstruction

Solar Energy Solutions

HVAC System Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions 

Air Quality Monitoring

AI HVAC System Control Predictive Technology  

Cogeneration Energy Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions

Electrical System Solutions 

Heat Pump Solutions


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