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Religious Venues

Religious venues are important infrastructure and places where large gatherings of people occur. This is why its maintenance is of great importance – not only to manage costs, but also to improve comfort of the occupants.


Religious venues most of the time have open concept layout and high ceilings, allowing adequate ventilation and as a result requires less frequent upgrades. However, sometimes neglecting the venue for a long time without regular monitoring can result in costly repairs and damage to the asset. To ensure hassle free maintenance of your religious venue and at the same time enhance building performance A-TECH Engineering offers a number of custom options to suit your needs.


Our core services for Religious Venues include:

IoT Solutions

Building Automation System and Controls

HVAC Optimization

Air Quality Monitoring

CCTV – normal, thermal body temperature monitoring, occupancy calculator at entrance

Data Analytics

Energy Cogeneration

Renewable Energy


Partner Services:

Cooling Tower Maintenance and Reconstruction

Solar Energy Solutions

HVAC System Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions 

Air Quality Monitoring

AI HVAC System Control Predictive Technology  

Cogeneration Energy Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions

Electrical System Solutions 

Heat Pump Solutions


Our services ensure that you get real-time monitoring of your energy use in the religious venue, identify problems head on and carry out preventive maintenance to increase building efficiency, while occupants’ comfort.


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