At A-TECH-Engineering Ltd, you come first

A-TECH Engineering Ltd provides services in Engineering of BACnet Direct Digital Control systems along with installation and commissioning. Other services provided by A-TECH Engineering Ltd are Data Analytics, Energy Audit and Energy Management System, Enterprise Security, Building Automation & Controls and Managed IT Services along with secured off-site backup.

We have local techs in various cities across Canada and operate as Controls Contractors as well as well Managed IT Service Provider (MSP).

Calgary and Edmonton (AB): Johnson Controls, KMC, Airtek and Vykon (Tridium AX and N4)

Winnipeg Manitoba: Honeywell, KMC, Airtek and Vykon (Tridium AX and N4)

Thunder Bay ONTARIO: Honeywell, KMC, Airtek and Vykon (Tridium AX and N4)

Regina and Saskatoon, SK: Johnson Controls, KMC, Airtek and Vykon (Tridium AX and N4)

managed it services support Manitoba

Building Technology Pros

From project planning through the life cycle of your building, A-TECH can deliver Building Solutions, CCTV, Card Access and Managed IT Services across various provinces in Canada including Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Avoid Future Complications

A-TECH Engineering Ltd works to ensure that both IT productivity and efficiency never falter. With state-of-the-art equipment and an expert team, we are able to monitor your systems, protect pertinent data, and provide preemptive solutions that help you avoid complications in the future.

Creating Smart Solutions

Regardless of the problem, our IT team quickly works to create smart solutions. From beginning to end, our certified engineers remain in constant contact with you to ensure a proper and timely completion.

Better Solutions & Faster Results

Our support center provides customers with the answers they need. You don’t have to wait around–with A-TECH Engineering Ltd, you will receive better solutions and faster results every time.

The A-TECH Engineering Expertise:

Building Automation and Controls
Construction and Design Build
Controls Contractor
Design Implementation
Electrical Services
Energy Metering
Energy Management
Engineering & Consultancy
Enterprise Security, Card Access and CCTV
Lighting Control and Indoor Quality Monitoring
Server/IT/Networking and MSP