Renewable Energy

Reducing carbon footprint and helping businesses reach net zero emissions by 2050

Transform your facility & save energy

Reduce energy costs while increasing building efficiency

Data Analytics that Empower your Business

Powerful data and insight at your fingertips

Monitor Air Quality in Your Office 24/7

Improve air quality, boost staff productivity and confidence

Smart buildings - the future of building technology

A-TECH Engineering contributes to Canada’s green future

net zero emissions

A-TECH Engineering technologies help Canadian businesses to achieve zero carbon emissions

Sustainable Energy

A-TECH Engineering will make your building produce the energy you need

Who we Are ?

A-TECH Engineering is an Advanced Energy Engineering Company with a vision to achieve net-zero emission, reduction of carbon footprint, plus enormous savings on energy consumption and energy generation.

A-TECH Engineering works with a unique approach by integrating the most advanced AI, IoT, Automation and Controls under A-TECH Smart Cloud. The comprehensive system offers a revolutionary process that mitigates and solves several issues together achieving a real solution for climate change.

Working with other top-tier energy partners, A-TECH Engineering provides renewable solar energy, as well as high efficiency CHP cogeneration energy solutions that are cost effective and easy to implement.

A-TECH Engineering is the only company in Canada to offer via trusted partners a unique HVAC system cleaning technology that goes beyond energy savings to create sustainable, clean indoor building environments coast-to-coast.

why A-TECH Engineering?


Competitive Pricing



Fast and Reliable

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Building Technology Pros

From the inception of a project through the life cycle of your building, A-TECH can deliver Building Automation and Control System, Energy Management System, Building Analytics Services, Automation Design Services and more across various cities in Canada and USA.


Creating Smart Solutions

A-TECH team quickly works to create smart solutions for your building. From beginning to end, our certified engineers remain in constant contact with you to ensure proper and timely completion of the project.


Increasing Profitability

Through our building automation and control system, energy management services, you can observe and track operational trends in your building, reduce inefficiencies and increase net profitability.


Clean Safe Sanitized Buildings

Enhancing the indoor air quality, reducing the carbon footprint, cleaning and sanitizing the HVAC system, buildings become safe and healthy living.

Benefit from our Smart Technologies

A-TECH Engineering Ltd provides services in Engineering of BACnet Direct Digital Control systems along with installation and commissioning. Other services provided by A-TECH Engineering Ltd are Data Analytics, Energy Audit and Energy Management System, Enterprise Security, Building Automation & Controls and Managed IT Services along with secured off-site backup.

We have local techs in various cities across Canada and operate as Controls Contractors as well as provide a range of custom services to suit your needs.

our partners

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