Energy Management Services

In today’s modern world, corporations and businesses – whether small or big – are increasingly employing sustainable practices that are environmentally friendly as well as beneficial for the company in more than just improving the bottom line. Investing in energy management services helps you gain better control of your facilities energy consumption, identify energy waste, reduce energy cost and at the same time reduce the carbon footprint. Let’s delve deeper into what energy management entails, what its benefits are and how it works for your business.


What are energy management services?

Energy management services basically refer to any services that help companies monitor, control, and optimize the energy consumption. With a proper energy management system installed, you can reduce energy waste, increase profitability, and decrease the carbon footprint. It not only benefits you financially but also helps in saving the environment and combat the effects of climate changes.
You might think these are of high cost and can be implemented by only large, well-established companies. However, in reality any type of business – whether big or small can benefit from a range of energy management services. These can include building automation system, building analytics, HVAC monitoring, HVAC optimization, retrofitting, utility metering and so on. 

Utilizing energy management services results in reduced energy consumption and facility management costs as well increased system efficiency. Since each business or organization is unique, energy management services also tend to be varying depending on many factors. For instance, energy management is extremely pertinent when it comes to commercial property management. This is because the sector incorporates several energy-related resources, such as a large inventory of office buildings and in addition, a well-defined approach to energy management is important to the buyers, occupants and stakeholders.

Investing in energy management services can help you resolve issues with several aspects of your business or facility management including efficiency of old equipment, lack of energy management strategy, reducing high utility bills, improving HVAC performance and indoor air quality, besides several others.

Benefits for your business

With energy management services, your organization can enjoy a plethora of benefits such as:

  • You can easily monitor and compare the energy performance of multiple facilities in your portfolio, identify cost improvement opportunities, and develop better energy management strategies for properties that are inefficient.
  • You will be promoting energy-efficient attitudes and actions in the workplace by setting benchmark of utility targets and motivating employees, peers to become energy saving themselves.
  • You will also have a clear understanding of energy costs and can easily track the information anywhere remotely.
  • It will also help you make improved decisions with the aid of predictive technology and accurate energy analytics data.
  • You can detect utility related billing errors and ensure tenants are charged fairly for utility consumption.

How energy management services work for your business?

Since energy management services cover a wide umbrella of energy solutions, it is important to identify what services are relevant to your business as each will have differing needs, and therefore require customized energy solutions for your business.

In the first step, usually your business will have to go through an initial assessment where you will receive various findings in your existing system, a list of measures you can take to better monitor and control your systems. In addition, you will get generalized forecasts related to costs, available incentives, or rebates as well as predicted energy saving. This will provide you with adequate information of what the energy management services can do for you and help you decide if you want to proceed further to receive a detailed assessment. Through this rigorous energy audit, you will get a clear picture of existing site conditions, building systems, current operating parameters, what systems are lacking in efficiency and so on. This will help you decide what energy management services are best suited for you and define the scope of work.

Based on the assessment and your chosen prioritized energy management strategies, a final agreement will be drawn including pricing quotes and detailed scope of work with the energy management service company.

Some energy management services provider such as A-TECH Engineering Ltd. also allow investors for project funding from reputable and qualified lenders with low interest rates, special terms and conditions, rebates, grants and so on. They are experienced partners who are willing to serve the community for reducing carbon emissions and encouraging green buildings. It is important for you to choose the right project funding that best fits your budget and fulfills your energy management goals.

During the implementation stage, based on your energy conservation goals, changes, new additions like system, software, apps will be integrated into your existing systems with minimal downtime. After everything has been integrated, you will soon start to receive real-time updates of building system performance through IoT solutions and gain better control over your automated building system.

Progressive and energy driven businesses today are increasingly leaning towards energy management services and with the plethora of benefits they offer, it is easy to rationalize why. Energy management services not only allow you to manage resources better and reduce waste but also reduces environmental impact. This results in an energy saving building with increased sustainability and contributes to your corporate social responsibility as well. 

If you are tired of high utility bills, inefficient systems, regular breakdowns that are costing your business, connect with A-TECH Engineering – an energy company based in Toronto serving major cities all across Canada and find customized energy management services that best fits your energy management goals.