HVAC system is a major component of your commercial space as they provide a number of benefits in regular operation of the building or facility, hence it is imperative that you have your HVAC system periodically maintained and serviced to avoid system failure and unnecessary repair costs. However, just regular maintenance and servicing is not enough in today’s fast paced era where even a short downtime can cost you thousands of dollars. Having an efficient HVAC monitoring system for your commercial space can help you constantly track the performance and energy use of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units in your building, send direct alerts and notifications in case of any discrepancy and prevent major repairs and downtime. In this article, we take a look at what entails a HVAC monitoring system and how it can be beneficial for your facility or building. 

Why Is it important?

HVAC system is no doubt an integral part of a facility or building as it is necessary not only for ensuring comfort of building occupants but also for maintaining optimum condition for equipment and/or manufacturing. 

In addition, HVAC system also helps to regulate dust, microbes in the air, and thus during this pandemic, it is important more than ever to ensure that your HVAC system is working properly to minimize the risk of spread and transmission of COVID-19. This is where the HVAC monitoring system steps in as it provides constant and accurate data of your HVAC system performance and efficiency. Without HVAC analytics, problems with equipment may remain undetected for a long time where you lose efficiency, as well as incur high energy costs or major repair costs. In addition to exorbitantly increasing operating expenses, HVAC system problems can also cause health problems in workers, result in sickness and absenteeism as well as reduce your overall workforce productivity by 6%-10%.

One of the major steps you can take to improve your system efficiency and make your building into an energy saving one is to install a monitoring system that covers the entire HVAC system, including chillers, exhaust fans, and so on. The HVAC monitoring app can help you identify issues and get corrected in real time, thus preventing any lag time. Furthermore, consumption profiles can be easily evaluated by machine learning algorithms to provide accurate forecasts of future problems. This enables you to take preventive measures and fix the problem proactively and thereby reduce major servicing and repair costs as well as save time.

In addition, today’s advanced IoT solutions lets you manage the entire system remotely from anywhere with cellular connectivity. You can do multiple tasks through your HVAC monitoring app such as:

  • Monitor and energy consumption- Find out exactly how much energy you are using for heating and ventilation.
  • Perform energy audits- Get real time statistics and reports on historical energy profile.
  • Detect energy wastages instantly – Set up alerts whenever certain levels are reached.
  • Operate equipment remotely- Control and better manage your equipment from anywhere, anytime.

How does the HVAC monitoring system work? 

In today’s fast paced technological era, HVAC monitoring system offers cost effective solutions to provide 24/7 tracking and regulating your HVAC units. With this, as a facility manager or building operating you can get useful data, observe trends, and optimize usage that helps in lowering energy costs and carbon footprint.  It uses sensors for collecting building data and displays this data in a single interface for actions to be taken promptly. This provides today’s progressive building operators with a high-level knowledge and understanding of their HVAC units without relying on technicians all the time and helps them detect any anomaly that can prevent costly damage and repairs. 

In addition, the data provides a holistic view of the HVAC system, so it accurately predicts usage demand of HVAC system, thus optimizing its use. If at any point real-time demand does not match the predicted demand, the system can trigger an alert sent directly to the building operator whenever there is an anomaly. This enables the building manager to resolve any impending issues speedily as well as improves HVAC system efficiency. 

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